Guess who’s back!

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Guess who’s back, back again…! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Ok, aside from the terrible Eminem popular culture reference, I’m super excited to be back storytelling again after my maternity leave. I cannot believe how quickly those eight months have flown…

I feel like a different person coming back to my vocation in life, with a renewed, wiser vigour.

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The fastest growing language, emojis


Today is World Emoji Day, I know I know, there’s a day for everything these days isn’t there?!

However, since the arrival of these little storytelling conduits, by mobile internet employee Shigetaka Kurita in 1999 we’ve come to rely on them quite somewhat.

Emojis started their life in Japan in the late nineties but didn’t become popular in the UK until 2010 onwards, when our technology caught up, forming what is now a global language of its own. In fact it is the fastest growing language than any other ancient form of communication, including hieroglyphics!

Emojis are now a huge part of our popular culture, not only that, but they are a conduit to the way in which we tell stories both personally and professionally on a daily basis. 72% of 18 – 25 years find it easier to communicate via emojis as opposed to text.

Although these little colourful character are enabling generation y to communicate and the rest of us for that matter, is it not also stopping them from getting a proper handle of the English language?

Are you currently using emojis in your business? Emojis can be a great way of adding weight to your copy. However, I would be inclined to use emojis more if you are targeting a younger demographic such as a beauty brand aimed at 13-19 year olds. Remember your audience.

Home Sweet Home


This weekend took me back to my home town of Easingwold. A cute market town, 30 minutes away from York, this town was where I had my first date, my first custard cream and, well, you get the picture…

Having taken my God daughter for the essential Brownie and Milkshake at the local sweet shop, we stumbled in to an enchanting land, Hearts.

From the moment we walked in we were ensconced in the brand. Their brand got to work on every one of our senses, from the offering of a “glass of bubbly” (TASTE) to the mellifluous melodies coming out of the hidden speakers – (HEARING) to visual feast of interiors and apparel (SIGHT)

The shop had it all, great products, great service and a real buzz to its atmosphere.

This is what’s called a seamless customer journey.

Take Note.

What’s in a name?


Defined by the English dictionary as ‘a word or set of words by which a person or thing is known, addressed, or referred to’, names are powerful things.

We’re all given one as a baby, but what does that name say about us? And more importantly what does a name say about our business?

When it comes to conjuring up the perfect company name, it can be really hard. Too short, too long, too contrived, too cold, too frilly! The list can go on and on, so consider this.

If all someone heard was your company said out loud, what story do you want it to tell? Richard Branson was bold with calling his ‘Virgin’, but it grabs your attention. How about companies like ‘Anthropologie’ – this company name has connotations of far away lands and whimsical wonders, but also a way of life.

Did you know the Twitter bird has got a name? It’s Larry. Now how do you feel about twitter? I’m even more of a fan!

My point is you can build rapports and create bonds with customers through your company name and in turn the branding thereafter.

It is said we judge a person within 7 seconds of meeting them, the same goes for your brand, so take your time on this one, it’s not a rush decision and you never know the name could come to you in the middle of the night, mind did, so always have a notebook and pen by your bed!


Origin of your story


This is that moment, the “Eureka” moment if you will where the business idea came to you like a bolt of lightning! It might have been taking the dog for a walk, or while collecting your dry cleaning.

For me, I was sitting on a British Airways flight from Gatwick to LAX, Appletizer in hand, feet dangling off the seat (I’m 5 ft nothing!), while looking over the soft white fluffy clouds, the idea of Storyteller came to me!

The story of my business started at this moment – the origin. This part of the story is the most important and a powerful tool. It works as a relationship -building exercise, and employs people to get on board with the notion of your business.

If you haven’t already, identify yours and use it in your marketing.

5 Reasons to Story Tell


As we become more discerning in the way we consume, marketing has become in many ways, much harder for smaller businesses.

Although we have many more tools at our fingertips such as social media, we have to become more savvy with our content. The phrase “Content is King” is comes in to play here

Use social media channels, packaging, your website etc.. to tell your story, and here’s why!

  1. It builds memories
  2. It is a natural motivator
  3. It builds relationships
  4. It makes content exciting
  5. It makes something old, new!

P.S Don’t forget to use good imagery, a picture tells a thousand words x

Do upset the apple cart


Since time immemorial this phrase has been banded about! Whether you heard it from your mother or great grandmother; it referred to a time in which we were much more cautious in the way(s) we went about the world.

Not anymore!

We are living in a time for innovation, and doing the very opposite of keeping apple carts neatly ladened, now we must upset that cart and innovate! I’m talking about in the way that we think and create. Whether you’re selling a beauty product or selling financial services. Push the limits, – of the company, of yourself, and of the industry. Be memorable.

Here ends the lesson 😉

Turning it on its head!

turning it on its head

There has over the last few months been a real tidal change when it comes to marketing… If you hark back some twenty years; brands shouted what they were to their customers and customers listened. Nowadays; most brands are much more open to being told by their customers what their brand is; with a few exceptions such as Apple who have a closed-door policy, because they can.

This trend has now reached smaller brands; our customers are feeling empowered through becoming little publishers and as such are more forthcoming with their brand feedback; telling us what we are as opposed to the other way round.

This is termed as Earned Content as opposed to Owned or Paid Content; and makes for a much more engaging and interesting brand story for you.

So here are my tips to help encourage forthcoming earned content:

  1. Incentivise customers to publish pictures/ videos or copy through competitions on social media.
  2. Remember to prompt them to tag you with your handle or a particular hashtag you might be using e.g #bestinthebusiness
  3. Applaud them for their marketing
  4. Enjoy the knock on effect!

Go have some fun with your customers and build your story together!

The End

The child within


When You’ve Got Mail came out I was 12 years old; I was all ears when it got to the part where the stupidly bonny Meg Ryan begins her ‘Storybook Lady Hour’ mid- way through the film.. With this blockbuster enjoying its 19th year this year (God I feel old…!) it is a stark contrast to the world we live in now…

My point is, that, within every single one of us there is a child waiting to be read to, waiting to roar with laughter at a very funny joke, or tut with shame at an outrageous tail.. The art of storytelling lives on in 2017, though is delivered through newer means – that of digital.

This begs the question, how do we engage the listener as we did in yonder year…?

The answer.. get in to the shoes (Doc Martins vs Kickers.. sticking with the 90’s theme!) of the listener. Imagine how you would like to be told a story? Don’t be too long winded, timing is everything, and above all life is tough, so if you can add a bit of humour in there, all the better!

The End