Chapter and Verse

I am a woman with old-fashioned values, what’s known in the industry as a below-the-line marketer; this means I champion the written word, strategy implementation and the age-old art of PR.

My consultative-led and intuitive approach makes for perfect storytelling and the product of this is, more customers for you, not just that, but the right customer.

Our journey starts with my Storytelling Workshop where we spend the first hour going over your back story – who you are and why you do what you do. I find it’s the best way to really find out what drives you and your brand. Within this session we will go through your brand vision, values and identify your customer profiles, before outlining the perfect marketing mix for you.

PR – Enrolling the help of a third party can help brands beyond belief. Selecting the right magazine title however is not always easy; they have to be the right fit for your brand and the angle is as important. 

Copywriting – My true passion, I love words! Pitches, website wording, you name it – I’m on hand to write it on your behalf, in the chosen tone of voice.

Brand Strategy – It is very easy to lose sight of your direction whether you’re at the start or are well on your way, so let’s put those objectives, tactics and end goal firmly in place so that you can create a successful business.

Content Creation – A compelling narrative is important and as such it is important to carefully select the visuals and words which best represent your brand.

SEO Blog Writing – More and more popular, climb the ranks of search engines with some well-crafted wording on your blog – we’ll sit down and pick the blog topics, based on what’s trending, voila!