The Non-Plan Plan

Polly Prince Non-Plan Plan

The Non-Plan Plan originated in a film called Along Came Polly, where Jennifer Aniston stars as the free-spirited Polly Prince. She runs her life a little differently to the main. She adopts a degree of frivolity, she owns a pet ferret, she moves a lot and she enjoys the risk factor in life.

For the majority of my life I have always been a planner. A huge geek at school, I love a list and have pretty much always known what my next move was.
Until now… I find that some mangy little goblin came in to my tidy little study, (uninvited) picked up my game of chess and launched it up in to the air with my pieces flying everywhere. He walked out with not so much as a word. (Bastard!) Some pieces have landed outside in the mud, others in the fire, some under the table and I have lost a few too! Does this ring true? ⁉️
Wait. There are good things about this goblin aka the corona virus… there is no doubt that the trajectory of our lives has changed now, but is that all bad? I am now on what Polly calls the “Non Plan Plan” and my that feels good! A friend asked recently about my plans for the future- another baby? moving house? travel? work? Pre-corona, I would have given her a long winded soliloquy, but I just replied, “Who Knows?” and God that felt good. Because who does know I ask? The pressure is off because it has to be, for everyone. No plans, no pressures, no promises- all scrapped! So breath and enjoy being on the non plan plan. Phew! Doesn’t that feel liberating?

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