My Story So Far…

How do you do? I’m Olivia, the Yorkshire Brand Storyteller and I believe that your story is the most important part of your marketing. A little story from me before we begin if I may?

I grew up at the foot of the Howardian Hills in North Yorkshire on a farm, surrounded by fields. The youngest of three girls, I was ever the explorer and you’d find me running through the corn fields in the summer and sledging down them in the winter, it was a storybook childhood.

My nickname was “Rainbow Girl” based on the fact that I wore every colour of the rainbow and every possible pattern, all at once! I was a day dreamer with a sunny disposition.

One Christmas, my parents bought me a book about the Coca Cola brand – my first experience of branding and I was hooked!

From a young age, I would hustle around the farm with my red leather briefcase stuffed full of stationery, (and my Coca Cola book) pretending I was on my way to a very important breakfast meeting! My dream came true.

Now for the credentials…

For over 16 years I have worked with UK brands, some small, some large, helping them reach their audience through beautiful, captivating, storytelling.

I cut my teeth on launching the product NUTRiBULLET into the UK marketplace, a campaign which introduced me to every element required to market a brand and, in that role, realised the importance of a brand’s story and the requirement for such a person to help small brands with theirs in an approachable and flexible way.

Life moves quickly and while you’re busy running your business the last thing you have time for is marketing it; that’s where I come in… as your marketing consultant.

My values as both a businesswoman and a mummy are to be HONEST, VISIONARY and ENTHUSIASTIC.

If you like what you’ve read, please say hello!