When Storytelling became Storyliving


Yesterday saw Young Hee, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung take to stage in an awe-inspiring talk at Cannes Lions.

She discussed how the ad world today needs to be more realistic, believable and transparent in their marketing ploys. Cuaron continues “People nowadays, they smell everything. They smell when something’s not genuine, and then it backfires…”

Storytelling has been the buzz word for the last five years, but now people, specifically Generation Z are looking for a more real sell, called, ‘Storyliving’.

Are you a brand connecting with Generation Z? May be it’s worth reconsidering your approach?


Guess who’s back!

Olivia story telling 1.2 (002)

Guess who’s back, back again…! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Ok, aside from the terrible Eminem popular culture reference, I’m super excited to be back storytelling again after my maternity leave. I cannot believe how quickly those eight months have flown…

I feel like a different person coming back to my vocation in life, with a renewed, wiser vigour.

In light of my rebirth, I am offering 10% OFF to new clients until the end of June so DM me if you are keen to know more about my marketing services and how I can help elevate your brand and kickstart sales for your business this summer!

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Everyone became a brand…


The time when… everyone became a brand…. 🤳🏼🤳🏼🤳🏼
My mum came to stay with me last week, and while pushing my baby Jack up Harlow hill she exclaimed “Have you noticed that everyone is a brand these days…?!”
😂 I answered in my most professional marketer voice “Hmm yes mum that’s very topical and factually correct.”
The woman’s got a point…
If you hark back even five years ago, the only people who could market themselves as a brand were the likes of Oprah and Ellen De Generes, so how is it that Larissa at the end of the street who is no older than 16 but bloody good at putting her eye brows on just hit 5,000 followers on @instagram I hear you scream? Well, its a bit more long winded than this, but in simple terms it’s down to being in 2019, where a cleverly used hashtag and a certain amount of followers attracts brands who then approach them. They are only approached if they are “on brand”. This then becomes “An influencer”.
It’s refreshing that we can all become a brand for sure, but also slightly bizarre! Keen to give it a try?
1. Decide what you are good at / what gets you excited?
3. Create an Instagram account
4. Adopt a hashtag which you use on every post
5. Identify values behind everything you post. Or. Creativity, honesty, humour.
6.Believe in what your account stands for.
Reading list- Lindsey Kelk’s One In A Million.

Oh juniper, hops and rye!

G is for Gopher

Where have the last few months gone?
I am finishing this week as I start a new exciting slash scary chapter of my life… motherhood.
So if it goes a little quiet around here, that’s why!
I intend to come back to my Storytelling on w/c 17th June 2019 (unless you hear before!)
Just a little footnote too to say thanks. I love that some of you have followed me from day dot and your “liking” and commenting is so appreciated.
See you on the flip side listeners…
The Storyteller x

Laughing in the face of PC


Tom Ford is certainly doing just that with his new Fucking Fabulous perfume which he launched recently.

At a time when we don’t dare do anything as brands in case we get lambasted for being racist, sexist or any other ‘ist’ this is a refreshing move from the luxury brand.

Swearing is something I do probably a little too much, especially when I am nervous, my French becomes inexcusable, but it also can be a sign of intelligence.

“Those with higher intellects were found to be more likely to curse.. another study previously found that people who can name the most swear words in a minute tend to score higher on IQ tests.” Dave Maclean, The Independent

We must be careful as a society not to stifle the creativity behind brand management, so as far as I am concerned this controversial product name is bloody well fine by me…

Never forget where your story began…

garden shed.png

Never forget where your story began, whether that was in the garden shed at the bottom of the garden or your spare room, we all started somewhere.

By telling your story and not forgetting to keep harking back to the how, when, where and what you keep your authenticity as a brand.

Geoff Mead founder of Narrative Leadership Associates says “Stories involve specific events that happen to particular characters, so narratives that veer towards generalities, explanations and abstractions, or which insist on telling their moral or meaning, have abandoned storytelling in favour of advocacy. They lose their extraordinary ability to stimulate both the feelings and imagination of the teller and the audience.”

Your story is unique to you and should be used as the foundation of the business from which to create the values and vision, not just when it comes to creating your new promotional campaign.

The fact that you started your business from the back of a van when you were sixteen, or in your parents spare bedroom when you were twenty two shows how far you have come and should be something to be proud of. Play with the elements of your story, for example a sketched illustration of that van which is motif behind the receptionist in your brand new city office.

Happy storytelling!

More reading: https://www.marketingweek.com/2016/02/28/why-brand-storytelling-should-be-the-foundation-of-a-growth-strategy/

Hanging on the telephone


It’s no secret that I like people.

I’m what you’d call a people person, someone who will gladly natter away to a stranger about the joys of Vale de Lobo or The George at Stamford (two holiday destinations I rate highly by the way!) on a train journey or while waiting in a queue…

So when one of my clients asked if I would like to make outbound calls to their dormant clients, I jumped at the chance! No seriously, I’m telling you, that’s fun for me 🙂 After some quick successes in reawakening these sleepy clients, I have now been crowned with the title of Client Engagement Officer! Huzzah to that!

This is a sign of things to come for The Storyteller… although I will imminently be taking some time off to create a little baby storyteller, I intend to return to work next Summer bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to build up this area of expertise. I will be offering this service to all clients and prospects so to help them keep their clients engaged with their business through a little light conversation from time to time. – Oh how this form of marketing is still so valuable and effective.

All hail the telephone!


Building Brand You

personal brand

We’re not very good at this are we? As Brits we tend to be far too humble to toot our own horn and blow our own trumpets about how good we are.

Scrap that! Take a leaf out of the American’s book and become more accustomed to selling yourself!

Whether you’re looking to go it alone with a business idea or just looking for a change in career, creating a compelling personal brand will help you succeed. 

All an employee or future client has to do these days is type your name in to Google and voila, they’ve got your digital footprint at their fingertips, from Facebook profile to latest tweet! So, go on, google yourself right now and consider is that what you want to portray?

Otegha Uwagba, founder of Women Who recently wrote the following tips for her Red Magazine feature:

  1. Find your niche (Consider what your strengths are/ what people praise you for?)
  2. Be vocal about your values (What motivates and excites you? Is it looking after our planet or collaborating for example?)
  3. Get social (Likely to be the first thing that people stumble upon, and a quick and sure route to establishing your self brand.)
  4. Tell a story (Ah! Yes, people love a good story and would rather hear your tale than facts. Your story is unique to you, so rehearse it and tell it.)
  5. Do the work (This is what will make you. Don’t forget building your personal brand is just the icing on the cake!)

What will you create?