Be kind



In a few of my recent client workshops the subject of manners on social media has come up. This made me think, what is the done thing when it comes to social etiquette on Instagram. After some research I have compiled my top hacks to keep you and your brand the flavour of the month.

1. PINCHING a PHOTO! Always tag the person who you pinched it from when you repost. Or just include them within your copy using wording like “photo courtesy of” or “📸”

2. DON’T FOLLOW THEN UNFOLLOW – it’s just not cool and if the follower has the app downloaded which tells them who has recently unfollowed them, well then that’s err awkward 🙄

3. LIKE OR REPLY to SOMEONE’S COMMENT. You wouldn’t ignore someone who said you looked gorgeous that day in the street would you? So why is that ok to do that on here? We’re not so inundated with comments that we can’t get through them all, come on now.. 

4. GIVE GENEROUSLY. If someone is always liking your posts and watching you stories, give them a like back once in a while, it ain’t gonna kill you and will just keep your brand in their like list!

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