Will you brand stand the test of time?


The phrase ‘Time waits for no one’ could not be more apt these days; where has this first half of this year gone?

While being lead architect on your brand, have you ever considered whether it will stand the test of time? 

What I mean by this is, there are some brands which come and go, fads if you like! They are the flash in the pans which we all recollect but treat with a certain affectionate, yet disdainful attitude. For example, a couple of Christmas’s ago, Facebook was riddled with an edgy young sunglasses brand called Mellor… remember? My Facebook friends were all inviting me to like their page, share their content and buy their gigs. It was an intense few weeks, but then… poof… nada! Since then I haven’t seen or heard of their brand.

Like I said, the definition of a flash in the pan brand! Could this be you if you’re not careful?

Follow my top tips to becoming a brand with longevity which will go on and on and on (you get he picture!)

Tip 1: Design. Don’t just follow the trends! While wedding dress shopping last week, I realised this. The shops were bursting at the seams with the latest looks.. I was no fool, oh no! This is the same for your brand, you may be tempted to go for the ‘in’ colours but always have in the back of your head you want your brand to go through the ages. Yes you can always rebrand, but this shouldn’t be done willynilly.

Tip 2: Dollars. Be careful not to through your whole budget on one campaign or activity, leaving the brand with nothing to help showcase it later on! You wouldn’t put all your cucumber, strawberries and mint in the pimms for the first serving would you? So why would you do this in business? Keep those marketing funds evenly distributed!

Tip 3: Diverse. This is a difficult one, but one which you will notice all of the big brands tend to do. Don’t just rely on one service or product within your brand. Keep the offering diverse, so for example let’s say you have a bakery, also offer event food, and look at selling wares at local markets.

A lot of this needs to be set out at business plan point, but if you are suddenly thinking you haven’t really looked too far ahead, then book a strategising meeting with me!

Storyteller x

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