Everyone became a brand…


The time when… everyone became a brand…. 🤳🏼🤳🏼🤳🏼
My mum came to stay with me last week, and while pushing my baby Jack up Harlow hill she exclaimed “Have you noticed that everyone is a brand these days…?!”
😂 I answered in my most professional marketer voice “Hmm yes mum that’s very topical and factually correct.”
The woman’s got a point…
If you hark back even five years ago, the only people who could market themselves as a brand were the likes of Oprah and Ellen De Generes, so how is it that Larissa at the end of the street who is no older than 16 but bloody good at putting her eye brows on just hit 5,000 followers on @instagram I hear you scream? Well, its a bit more long winded than this, but in simple terms it’s down to being in 2019, where a cleverly used hashtag and a certain amount of followers attracts brands who then approach them. They are only approached if they are “on brand”. This then becomes “An influencer”.
It’s refreshing that we can all become a brand for sure, but also slightly bizarre! Keen to give it a try?
1. Decide what you are good at / what gets you excited?
3. Create an Instagram account
4. Adopt a hashtag which you use on every post
5. Identify values behind everything you post. Or. Creativity, honesty, humour.
6.Believe in what your account stands for.
Reading list- Lindsey Kelk’s One In A Million.

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