Storyteller Masterclass


Hello and welcome to my storytelling class.

Are you sitting comfortably? Good.

We’re told that Content is King; but did you also know that if you can position your content in a way which tells your audience a story, you have a better chance of engaging with your buyers?

With the average reader spending around 15 seconds on a web page, you don’t have much time to capture their imagination… so how do you?

  1. Keep it relative. As individuals, we like to be able to relate to people. Key details like places, people, emotions, times and facts will also act as a hook for your reader. For example you could do away with your homepage and make that ‘The Story So Far’ where you then tell your audience how your business idea came about. By diving straight in and not wasting time they’ll know more about you and your brand within that 15 seconds and at that point will decide whether to click away or read more!
  2. We all know how frustrating it is when a friend tells you the same story, again! It works the same with your followers, don’t bore them with tales they’ve heard before. Keep your stories fresh and remember those all-important details!
  3. Remember what your audience are following you for. Do you provide a beauty and fashion blog? Don’t then talk about you and your boyfriends recent house purchase, unless it’s about dressing with a limited wardrobe for example!
  4. Be entertaining! Your followers are following you. So be you. Be your unique self and tell your story in your own special way, promoting your idiosyncrasies.

For more information on how you can tell your brand story contact me today!

The Storyteller x

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