Operation: 21 days



Pepsi Max have launched a brand new campaign ‘Try a new tradition this Christmas’ in a bid to knock soft drink rival, Coca Cola off their Christmas pedestal!

Are we sold?

It is proven that it takes at least 21 days to break a habit; but in terms of traditions we’re talking much longer. We, as Homo sapiens are inherently creatures of habits, so have Pepsi Max got a chance to break our beloved tradition, solidified in childhood?

This aggressive tactic is a bid to re position their brand as not just an “any time of year” drink, but specifically one for the festive period. Their head of marketing and innovation, Mark Kirkham says “Our summer campaign centred on the idea that people love the taste of Pepsi Max. Those who don’t, just haven’t tried it yet. As a brand that values the bold and unexpected, we are extending this notion into our Christmas campaign by reminding them to break tradition and keep things fresh, by trying something new at a time of year when routine and ritual is often habit.”

Consider, in your own industry do you have a competitor which has the monopoly in a particular area? Could you create a marketing strategy which targets this to boost your bottom line?

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