I’m in the mood for …



I would like to share a tiny little pearl of wisdom with you all!

Before I start any marketing campaign, no matter what the channel, I will always create a mood board to share with my client.

They have been around for donkey’s years! They are the perfect vehicle from which to pool all of those free running thoughts of yours.

I learnt the hard way, about six month’s ago one of my client’s went on holiday, before she went, she asked for an Indian Summer theme to be carried right the way across social media channels for their brand. On her return, she was met by titian colours, warm golden hues eluding to that of an autumn summer. Survey says … Eh Ehhhh. She had imagined pearlescents and pinks.. Hence the need for a mood board.

Whatever you are planning for, put together your ideas of what you imagine the marketing activity to look like from a brand perspective – after all, they do say the power of visualisation is immense.

Happy Mood boarding!

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