Ocean Colour Scene



More than 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year. (PlasticOceans.org)

Pause for thought.

8 million!

How did we let this happen?

Now that the oracle, Sir David Attenborough is on the case of this environmental crisis, it has become a much talked about issue – thankfully.

But how can we help as a small or medium sized enterprise? Start simple!

  1. Re-use drinking bottles in the office
  2. Say no to straws on lunch meetings / work parties
  3. Look to choose one Ocean charity like Save our seas, The Ocean Foundation or Ocean Conservancy to name a few (display their logo on your marketing materials)

By taking part in this plight you will not only feel better for doing your part in this crisis, but also your company will enjoy the “halo effect” as opposed to the “horn effect”. The positive effects a brand can enjoy after “do gooding”.

Doesn’t it feel good to be aware and behaving like a responsible brand?

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