Top Ten Tips



Look at that for alliteration…

Here are some of my top tips for getting social, enjoy!

1. Use hashtags in order that your tweet /post can be found. Aim to use around four at most.

2. Use trending hashtags on Twitter to help get your tweet noticed such as #mondaymotivation

3. Try to include a relevant image within your post, they get more engagement than just text.

4. Don’t overuse hashtags on Facebook, it’s still a relatively new feature on there.

5. Include your tweetfeed on your website to advertise you have a live twitter account.

6. Engage with like-minded and complementary brands and stakeholders in order to leverage your brand.

7. Use hashtags on LinkedIn that will give your post more exposure to the relevant crowds.

8. Videos are good for SEO, you can also help drive traffic to your website from social media channels.

9. Integrate your marketing messages. From social media to eMarketing and PR.

10. Twitter count is now not inclusive of images or another twitter users’ handle.

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