Emojis, Lists and The Colour Orange



Are you looking to boost your business on a budget?

In the ever-changing landscape of marketing, it’s only through trial and error that you realise what does and doesn’t work – and it’s simple, do more of what works..

For example, yonder year I worked for a retailer who struggled with their conversions online. Customers would spend fifteen minutes shopping around their website, but then when the time came to pay they dropped away. We looked at the layout of the page, the wording, and then the colours.. After a series of split tests, the winning colour was orange (it means change and engenders feelings of positivity). Red was a total no-no as it means danger and green was far too presumptuous. So whether you’re a retailer looking for sales or a blogger looking to get sign ups use the colour which drives actions, orange.

Other tricks to get your business flying include using emojis on social media – they are a non-threatening, quirky addition to your tweet (though use sparingly and in conjunction with days like Fridays with a #fridayfeeling hashtag)

Lists are also a way to get noticed on Google, for example if you are a property mogul looking to get your blog noticed use titles such as “Top seven Real Estate Tips” – odd numbers work better than even!

Do feel free to comment on here on any other tricks you have unearthed, to help all my SME readers 🙂 (see it worked didn’t it!)




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