Silence Sells


Having pitched for a new clients work recently, I was asked the following;

“Should we just shout as loudly as our competitors?” My answer..

“Absolutely not.”

In a world where the song and saying “silence is golden” resonates more than it ever did; there is something to be said for being the modest, demure brand who waits patiently in the corner before being addressed.

Twitter is a prime example of a channel that is quite frankly full of unnecessary shouty sales messages, which, let’s be honest we bypass everyday because of the obvious sales-talk. Not to mention our secret “Unfollow” behaviours on Facebook!

If brands were to consider their audience and the mind frame of this said audience before bombarding them, they would enjoy  conversation based on an honest interest of their brand which could in turn convert in to a sale.

With more and more of us retreating to Buddhist-Meditative holidays in order to find that stillness; how about we start creating that here in our own rat-runs?

So next time you go to tweet as you haven’t for a while, do not post for the sake of it, but only if you have a nugget of interest for your valuable followers. It’s all about #marketingmindfully



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