This week marks #NationalStorytellingWeek Saturday 28th January 2017 – Saturday 4th February 2017. The week is set out to encourage the next generation to both read and tell stories.

Wikipedia denotes the action of storytelling as:

“Storytelling is the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, often with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment.”

When you speak to the nearest layman about ‘Storytelling’ their face goes blank as their imagination runs wild imagining the lands of Narnia or The Shire .. but that is underestimating the art of storytelling.

We have, since caveman times told stories, from etchings on a cave wall to hieroglyphics in Egyptian times. Nowadays, we are building stories on social media channels, as that is our new wall (Facebook continues the use of the word wall interestingly..)

Stories are told to us every day – when we wake up we not only are immersed in brand’s stories but start creating our own too.

In honour of #NationalStorytellingWeek this week I am going to be posting a Brand Storytelling Tip every day for seven days – so stay tuned …

The Storyteller

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