Everlasting Love


Sunday gone saw me leafing through this months Red Magazine with a mug full of Yorkshire Tea. Whilst doing so, I was overwhelmed by the amount of bi-product led advertising campaigns that filled the pages. When I say bi-product I mean the result of using a brand, such as feeling nostalgic (Werther’s Original).

Harking back to yonder year, BILE BEANS were prolific and infamous for emblazoning their brand across mills and such like; in more recent times Royal London enjoy parading their “lovemark” (Saachi and Saachi’s word for brand) on side lines of major Sports fixtures.

We are now seeing a softer approach to marketing. The likes of Braun are positioning their brand as one that champions ‘Inner Beauty’ and feeling good about ones appearance as opposed to other skin ranges that play on beauty being synonymous with what’s on the outside and youth.

This touchy-feely approach to marketing is a sure-win from my point of view. Our buying habits are increasingly sophisticated and the triggers that urge us to buy therefore need to be too.

The PPI sector has one of the worst reputations for hard-selling. This is now an antiquated way of doing business and those who still opt for this style of marketing would do well to revise their approach.

It’s all about the drip feed in marketing, building that brand love and making for an everlasting relationship between the consumer and that product.



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