The Taming of A .. Monster



You don’t think twice about having a dental check up or an eye check up, yet when it comes to your brand, when was the last time you carried out a health check?

People say “life is short” – I would be inclined to disagree with this fact .. life is long but time moves quickly, and as such your brand can end up drifting in the abyss, without so much as a “Woahh there!” and suddenly you’ve got a bit of a monster on your hands.

It’s easy to let the daily “itty bitty” tasks take your attention away from the strategic foresight needed for SME’s to survive in this post-brexit climate, but it is now, before 2017 (which we are told will be as difficult financially as that of World War 2) that we must reflect and reboot.

Asking ourselves:

Who are we? What’s important to us? What do we want people to feel when they hear/ see our brand? How are we different from our competitors?  Our we relevant?

Go befriend that monster and tame it!

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