Back to the Future



Last weekend I took a trip in to the beautiful Yorkshire town of Ilkley.¬†During my visit, I came across numerous ‘anti digital’ themed gifts; from notebooks and journals to pens..

Is this perhaps an indication that the world is finally reacting to the exponential growth we have encountered over the last fifteen years, that is the Digital Age?

Our language even changed to reflect the social change “hashtag + a word” is part of our common parlance – much to some people’s dismay. But have we had enough?

Nokia’s release of 3110 came last week; millennials and generation X’s (30 plus year olds) have been the majority buyers. The model is reintroduced at a time when we are perhaps begging for a simpler time and thus this telephone is the very antithesis of this…

Whether you are loving the digital age or not, we are on a run away freight train so in order to remain competitive in the marketing world, you’ve got to get on, but whether you’ll tie your seat belt or not … is up to you!

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