Hats Off!



If you’re anything like me, when I set up Storyteller I didn’t have a scooby doo (clue) how many different facets of the business I would need to tend to …

Being a start up, one-man-band means you are everything from the designer, to the photographer and the accountant! Wearing so many hats isn’t always easy and because these new areas aren’t necessarily our mainstay, we punish ourselves when our results aren’t perfect. Don’t.

Break the areas of the business down …

  • Marketing – There is so much help out there these days. Stay true to the brand and how you want it to look and feel. Be creative. An iPhone is a real tool for photography and Instagram’s filters are great.
  • Finance and HR – Work out if you even need an accountant? Can you do your own book keeping and year end and save the cost? If you are scared, there are some great independents who aren’t going to cost the earth to help you. Just you? If you are registered as a Sole Trader / Self Employed then you just need to do your self assessment or Limited Company and you have to do your payroll and self assessment.
  • Operations – This is where you do your thing! You are good at what you do so go do it!
  • Strategy – This is where you want your business to go. Check in with yourself often so you make sure you haven’t created a monster or are drifting from your original business plan. Business coaches are two a penny in and around Yorkshire and again reasonable, making for a great sounding board.

Which hat have you got on today?

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