Feathers and Diamantes aren’t everyone’s taste



I recently gave a talk to small business owners on brand storytelling. To explain one of my points on what you should be posting as a small and upcoming brand, I use the following analogy:

Imagine if you will, you are pootling (my word for wandering) around town and come across an independent boutique; you walk in and the bell on the door dings and the windchimes chime. So much for going unnoticed?! You’re spotted immediately by the overdressed owner as she pretends to busy herself with some piece of tat.

Anyway, as you make your way around the postage stamp sized shop with the owners’ eyes firmly on you, you soon realise there’s nothing for you there. Why? Because it is filled to the rafters with THEIR taste! You know, the bling notepads, the feather calligraphy pens, the overpriced soaps which you are supposed to choose and slot in to the so conveniently placed paper bags.

My point? The shop owner has stocked her shop with items SHE herself likes, with not so much as a thought for you or I. This the same as if you are a small brand posting social media content, it’s not all about you and what you want your brand to be. Think about your audience and what they might want to see and a little you is fine – you are after all part of the brand, just not the latest snap of what you had to eat on your weekend away at Bamburgh!

Keep that balance, 80% the brand, 20% you is a good benchmark.


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