Building Brand You


personal brand

We’re not very good at this are we? As Brits we tend to be far too humble to toot our own horn and blow our own trumpets about how good we are.

Scrap that! Take a leaf out of the American’s book and become more accustomed to selling yourself!

Whether you’re looking to go it alone with a business idea or just looking for a change in career, creating a compelling personal brand will help you succeed. 

All an employee or future client has to do these days is type your name in to Google and voila, they’ve got your digital footprint at their fingertips, from Facebook profile to latest tweet! So, go on, google yourself right now and consider is that what you want to portray?

Otegha Uwagba, founder of Women Who recently wrote the following tips for her Red Magazine feature:

  1. Find your niche (Consider what your strengths are/ what people praise you for?)
  2. Be vocal about your values (What motivates and excites you? Is it looking after our planet or collaborating for example?)
  3. Get social (Likely to be the first thing that people stumble upon, and a quick and sure route to establishing your self brand.)
  4. Tell a story (Ah! Yes, people love a good story and would rather hear your tale than facts. Your story is unique to you, so rehearse it and tell it.)
  5. Do the work (This is what will make you. Don’t forget building your personal brand is just the icing on the cake!)

What will you create?

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