You’ve Got Mail!



Who remembers that very exciting moment when you got an email and the little envelope appeared or the ping noise chimed?

The film with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan exemplified that period of time when the World Wide Web was new to all of us and a very exciting place indeed!

I hear so very often “Email is dead” … absolute cobblers I respond! With most of us viewing email on our mobiles these days and enjoying that cathartic scrolling motion, emails are actually growing exponentially, some 20 years on!

Seize this moment and speak to your clients/ potential clients about something they are interested in, give them pearls they won’t get anywhere else and charge them for it! This is a sustainable revenue model which could end up being your bread and butter.

There are some really nice examples of paid for newsletters out there, including Harvard Health Publications and Gold Odyssey. But, consider:

Audience: Who are you talking to? Do you have a relationship already with them?

Content: Consider what is useful to your audience? Put yourself in their shoes.

Distribution Channel: Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor?

Distribution Frequency and Day: Monthly, Day of the week?

Ping! Sorry my email has just chimed, toodles for now!

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