Less is more. Or is it?


The best things come in small packages is a phrase I’ve certainly been told once or twice but is that the case when it comes to our favourite brands?

According to Sky News the nation is being duped.

Brands such as McVities, Quavers and Dairy Milk are practising something reminiscent of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory called “Shrinkflation”.

Its all about brands getting greedier on their plight to beat last years profits.

These brands are presenting themselves as “weight conscious” when they reduce the grammage of chocolate in their bars or are they just saving their bank balance?

They make out that they are a “current and engaging brand” when they create new affable tiny, packaging or are they just saving their bank balance?

We’d like to remind the Marketing Directors of these elephantine brands of the days when you bought a standard pack of Quavers (not “GRAB BAG”) and were eating those cheesy curly wonders for what felt like an eternity, not just a few minutes!

Get real guys, when it comes to consumer goods, less is most certainly not more!


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