5 Reasons to Story Tell


As we become more discerning in the way we consume, marketing has become in many ways, much harder for smaller businesses.

Although we have many more tools at our fingertips such as social media, we have to become more savvy with our content. The phrase “Content is King” is comes in to play here

Use social media channels, packaging, your website etc.. to tell your story, and here’s why!

  1. It builds memories
  2. It is a natural motivator
  3. It builds relationships
  4. It makes content exciting
  5. It makes something old, new!

P.S Don’t forget to use good imagery, a picture tells a thousand words x


Do upset the apple cart


Since time immemorial this phrase has been banded about! Whether you heard it from your mother or great grandmother; it referred to a time in which we were much more cautious in the way(s) we went about the world.

Not anymore!

We are living in a time for innovation, and doing the very opposite of keeping apple carts neatly ladened, now we must upset that cart and innovate! I’m talking about in the way that we think and create. Whether you’re selling a beauty product or selling financial services. Push the limits, – of the company, of yourself, and of the industry.┬áBe memorable.

Here ends the lesson ­čśë

Do Do Different


It’s the year 2017 and no matter what line of business you are in, you are up against thew dreaded competition.

While others are fighting in the Google SEO boxing ring; some take a side step and attract new customers through the art of being different.

Through identifying your Unique Selling Point, only then can you build a strong marketing strategy from which to boost sales and appeal to the masses.

So, right now I task you to sit in a quiet space with a pencil (not pen!) and paper and consider what these are for your company. It could be your commitment to customer service, or your quality of product, hell it could even be that intangible essence that is your brand, whatever it is, and pick just one, write it down and then you have your building block for marketing your business. And remember, once you’ve got your USP- DO DO DIFFERENT.

Turning it on its head!

turning it on its head

There has over the last few months been a real tidal change when it comes to marketing… If you hark back some twenty years; brands shouted what they were to their customers and customers listened. Nowadays; most brands are much more open to being told by their customers what their brand is; with a few exceptions such as Apple who have a closed-door policy, because they can.

This trend has now reached smaller brands; our customers are feeling empowered through becoming little publishers and as such are more forthcoming with their brand feedback; telling us what we are as opposed to the other way round.

This is termed as Earned Content as opposed to Owned or Paid Content; and makes for a much more engaging and interesting brand story for you.

So here are my tips to help encourage forthcoming earned content:

  1. Incentivise customers to publish pictures/ videos or copy through competitions on social media.
  2. Remember to prompt them to tag you with your handle or a particular hashtag you might be using e.g #bestinthebusiness
  3. Applaud them for their marketing
  4. Enjoy the knock on effect!

Go have some fun with your customers and build your story together!

The End

The child within


When You’ve Got Mail came out I was 12 years old; I was all ears when it got to the part where the stupidly bonny Meg Ryan begins her ‘Storybook Lady Hour’ mid- way through the film.. With this blockbuster enjoying its 19th year this year (God I feel old…!) it is a stark contrast to the world we live in now…

My point is, that, within every single one of us there is a child waiting to be read to, waiting to roar with laughter at a very funny joke, or tut with shame at an outrageous tail.. The art of storytelling lives on in 2017, though is delivered through newer means – that of digital.

This begs the question, how do we engage the listener as we did in yonder year…?

The answer.. get in to the shoes (Doc Martins vs Kickers.. sticking with the 90’s theme!) of the listener. Imagine how you would like to be told a story? Don’t be too long winded, timing is everything, and above all life is tough, so if you can add a bit of humour in there, all the better!

The End


Festive Marketing for SME’s


Where has this year gone? I hear you exclaim.. and as Christmas knocks on our door once more, it is time to capitalise on the buzz word that is #Christmas.

The following are a few marketing pointers for you lovely smaller businesses so that you can reap what you sow at this point in the calendar year.

  • Thank your customers. ┬áNo matter what your industry, this action of kindness can only be met with a smile. Whether you send them toffee or just an email, it will encourage them to keep their business with you.
  • If you are in the retail industry make use of hashtags on social media. Use tags like #perfectgift #giftideas #presentideas #christmasgifts as people will be searching under these terms in order to find that special something.
  • Warm your marketing up with less salesy messages such as ‘Happy Christmas’ or ‘Hello December’.
  • Are you in retail? Don’t forget #blackfriday – this year it is on Friday 25th November. Remember to guide your customer from as many different┬áplaces as possible to your website, such as online platforms like blogs and social media; as well as in store flyers etc.

Go, flee, market your brand and prosper!