Sheeranism : VERB : Britain’s Sweetheart



Unless you’ve been taking refuge under a rock in recent months; you cannot fail to have missed the extraordinary adoration that is building (present continuous) for the affable Ed Sheeran.

Now, I am going to take to Science with this one .. bear with me.

What is the formula to this marvel and as such can we then replicate this across other areas of life such as business?

“Sheeranism” Formula:

Unlikely + Likeable + Talented + Contravening = Heroic

Popular culture has never met with such a refreshing amalgamation of goodness; and as such the British public are willing for him to do well. Couple this with his charity efforts and super songs, and well, you’ve got the perfect recipe.

Could we as SME’s learn from Ed and foster this “Sheeranism” ? The answer is yes. The world is a tough place, it’s harder to find a ‘nice’ person in business, and I hate using the word nice, but it is true. If we all took on a bit of his humility we could earn more clients and even engender a more loyal client culture through replicating this mentality.

What do you think ? All thoughts welcome..


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