Reinvention Not Necessary



I recently attended a networking event in the metropolis city of Leeds. The event was aimed at entrepreneurs and helping them to take their idea from just that to a reality. The reason I attended? The founder of well-being brand NEOM, Nicola Elliott was speaking.

While on the panel, she was asked what her one piece of advice would be for the budding entrepreneurs? Her answer, was very interesting, don’t try to reinvent the wheel..

We are all out there trying to become successful business people, as we sit and relentlessly compare ourselves to others. The trick?

Don’t try to invent an idea or a concept that is totally new, that is hard to do, and you will be thinking on that for some time. Instead, create a better version of something that already exists, a better table or a prettier vase.

So stop putting yourself under pressure to be the next big thing, and just develop the last great thing!

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