Why Storytelling



Storytelling is age-old, it harks back to caveman days when the daylight faded and the firelight shined bright, it provided the perfect backdrop from which to tell stories!

Once more the last time we really came across storytelling was when we were in our formative years. We were introduced to Roald Dahl’s Mr and Mrs Twit and such like, what’s not to like?

The same applies in business. Paint the picture for people, tell them your story. Stories create emotionally attachments which in turn forms a bond / reason to buy.

“The challenge is in figuring out how to share that story in a way that aligns with the needs and priorities of prospects and customers. But, it’s not just sharing the story. It’s about making the story so compelling that it elevates perceptions of value and urgency resulting in more qualified leads and faster purchasing momentum.”
It begs the question, do brands create stories or do stories create brands? The answer, both!
Start Storytelling for your brand today!

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