Are you sitting comfortably?


Harking back to yonder year for a minute, (bear with!) a very different marketing landscape existed, marketeers or business owners could enjoy healthy budgets and endless options of how to spend that budget.

As a “wet behind the ears” marketing graduate my first boss welcomed me with the somewhat enigmatic phrase “Good to have you on board, here’s £30,000 for the year, have fun!” I should have known right there and then it was too good to last, three weeks later Northern Rock went bust and the rest, as they say is history.

Nowadays, we have half the budgets and for those of you with your own businesses, finding the time for a “tweet” and knowing exactly what to “tweet” can be hard going at the best of times.

If “Carpe Diem” is anything to go by I decided 2016 was the year that would see me write the next chapter of my story!



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