The day I met my Fairy Godmother



As my budding marketing business grows, and my first public speaking date is diarised, I was keen to ensure my company and I were in sync …

I called Tessa. I don’t quite know what I expected when I enrolled the help of image consultant, Tessa Gray, but meeting my Fairy Godmother wasn’t it.

Last Tuesday morning, Tessa arrived at my Otley home ladened with mirrors, colour swatches and seamstress tapes. After an introduction to tailoring in Paris with a Balmain couturier and time in Christian Dior’s silk emporium; Tessa found her “bag”!

Tessa’s Full Day Session included a style review which interestingly discovered I leant toward a Natural Romantic style; having ascertained my lifestyle (busy and oodles of weddings); Tessa went on to do my colours. I must say this felt like indulgence personified, just like that feeling when you’re at the hairdressers, I felt completely relaxed. Having discovered my colouring worked best with Jewel tones, we stopped for lunch.

The afternoon was spent in my wardrobe; a mish mash of “Oh, that was a gift…” and “But it was my grandmothers”; Tessa was tactful and crafty as she plucked out the keepers and earmarked the no’s.

The outcomes were unexpected; after years of second guessing and cobbling outfits together (I’m five foot which means I am not always too easy to robe up!) I felt clarity about what I want to reflect to the world and how to do that, a worthwhile investment in my future self and my business.

I waved goodbye to Tessa, unbeknown to me she was heading for my local clothing boutique Jenny’s Dresser to select items for me, which were perfect!

I now have a toolbox of tips for dressing and shopping and a warm and fuzzy feeling about myself which is yet to go!

Reach the Fairy Godmother at:

Feel-good feedback since my day with Tessa: “I love your make over…!” “You look completely different!” “A sophisticated Olivia”

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