Secret Seven


As I write this I am buried deep in wrapping paper and presents itching to be concealed for Christmas day is a blink away…

In the last year I have raised a little baby boy to the grand old age of 1 and as such am reflecting on what I have learnt.

I am writing this (hopefully helpful) hack list for the amazing mummies out there who are juggling their work and their mummy duties day in day out. I have been back to work (I am founder of Storyteller Marketing based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire) for about 5 months and what a five months they have been… Moments of “What am I doing? I am missing my baby’s precious first moments” to “I love having my identity back!”

Here goes…

  1. All hail the front door

Keep the little one’s coat and shoes next to yours by the door ready for a swift and easy exit

2. Breakfast in bowl

Pour the porridge or place the Weetabix in the bowl the night before so all you need do is add milk/ water. No more listening to your little one crying while you try and make yourself a cuppa while making their brekky.

3. Twinning

I put my clothes out the night before with my little ones then we can get dressed together and there’s no mad panic, outfits at the ready!

4. Nap Naps

Keep a pack of nappies in the car glove pocket, and wet wipes while we’re at it! There’s always an incident where these will come in handy…

5. Meeting Avec Bebe?

Take a banana, take a book, take a toy they haven’t seen in a while – this is a real game changer.

6. Sing a Song

OK, so I know I can sing reasonably well. Although I did fail twice at XFactor, but Jack loves me singing to him. If I am at my desk and need to get work done but he needs attention too, I sit down with him looking into his eyes and sing to him. That quality time helps buy me a bit more time to finish my work off before going back to him to play catch around the pine kitchen table – a game he loves!

7. If all else fails… give the baby your car keys!

I don’t know what it is about them, the noise they make or perhaps the texture? But they are a winner for buying around 10 minutes of time with your little one!

Whatever you do to manage being a working mummy, it is the best you can do so stop judging yourself and get rid of that mummy guilt – that’s my new year’s resolution…

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