Giddy Up!


Last Saturday saw me arriving at a quintessentially English sight…

I was invited to go and watch the business workshop taking the UK by storm.

Business Horsepower was founded by Julia Felton. Julia works alongside business people to help them better their leadership, teamwork and communication skills through workshops with the horses.

There is something hugely wholesome about working alongside these beautiful animals and by joe there is a real knack to getting them to do what you want. Activities include guiding the horse without reigns from behind, guiding the horse with reins from behind and guiding the horse from in front (all the time manoeuvring around obstacles).

The entire workshop begs the question ‘Are you a clear communicator?’

This workshop was not just for business people, but for everyone. We have never been trained or educated on how to behave around people, we just behave the way we do. It’s not taught in school as such.

As I was walking around with the horses it made me question the way that I conduct myself with clients, with my partner, with my friends, with my family… the list goes on.

I left the day enlightened! More in tune with myself and with how I wanted to portray myself, self improvement quota, filled.

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