Keep Calm and Carry On

Social Media for SMEs during Corona

Good Morning Everyone, how are you all this Monday morning in March 2020?

Never has this phrase felt so apt.

As a small business, we are all going through a shocking time and are having to find our ways through unprecedented events, so I thought it would be helpful to give you, my SME’s some pearls of wisdom at this time when it comes to marketing your business…

  1. Acknowledge what is happening, don’t ignore the situation, your posts will seem insensitive and won’t be relevant.
  2. Keep posting! This is so important. You may well have had to close your doors, but you still have customers/ followers who would love to hear from you, especially in these weird times.
  3. Avoid being sales-focused. If you have an offering online that’s great, mention it but don’t stress it.
  4. Be more human with what you post. We are all feeling vulnerable and we relate to other people’s vulnerability. Try to avoid too much emotion.
  5. Use your stories on Instagram as an uplifting area for your followers.
  6. Keep following and collaborating! The world is still turning.
  7. Don’t feel ashamed to be selling, people are still buying!
  8. Use the time we have to try out new approaches on social. If you haven’t done much video or live stories – give it a whirl!
  9. Finally, remain positive with your overall message. We will come through this and every cloud and all that…

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