The Power of Play


power of play

I am currently nose deep in a book called The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking. It is the perfect anecdote to modern day living. Hygge means cosiness in Dutch and the book talks you through the joy to be had in silence, slow cooked food and candles!

Nearing the end of this delightful book this weekend, the author talks about the power of playing. When we were children, it was something we did everyday and did well!

So, why do we have to grow up? OK, I know why. However, it begs the question, where has the play element of our lives gone?

It’s those moments where you throw food, bounce on a bed or skip down the street that are now seemingly lost.

Consider, how can your brand reintroduce an element of play in to the lives of your customer? Whether it’s sending your customers a joke as opposed to a sales-driven email or adding a bowl of sweets to your counter top.. add an element of play to your brand and have fun with it.


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