Wisteria Lane


On a recent social media training session with my B & B client I was met with confusion as to why she should Instagram a picture of her Wisteria in full bloom …

I explained, when people are searching on the internet for Luxury B & B’s, they want to see, smell, feel and aspire to live in that very way, even for just one night!

The wisteria was beautiful, but it’s what the twining climber, spreading itself so generously over the mullioned windows symbolised more than anything else.

The point is this .. if you are selling an aspirational product or service you must convey that luxury and quality to your potential customer; from the 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets to the freshly squeezed orange juice prepared with love and care each and every morning.

This place, truly was enchanting, from Hobbes, the golden retriever who greeted me with a nuzzle to the knee, all the way through to the hobbit-like doorway which invited me in. In fact I just might book to stay there to enjoy that feeling once more!



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