Fluffy towels but no chocolate reindeer droppings

As BHS begins to wind down its some 163 stores and say goodbye to the high street. It seems there’s a new kid in town…

Zara Home is a European export, chic, appropriate, aspirational and the moment I stepped foot in to the new lifestyle shop a spell was cast over me.

I don’t know if it was the mellifluous music or the aroma of White Jasmin wafting through the air, but I felt calm, relaxed and ready to ogle the many objects of desire.

An hour later, yes, 60 whole minutes and I was in a state of entrancement, lulled by the beautiful lighting, staff (wearing earthy-looking aprons) in to buying fluffy hand towels and linen wares I didn’t need..

It goes to show, nowadays the modern day consumers are discerning and will only spend their hard-earned pennies on quality wares and with someone who has courted them from the moment they step over the threshold.

Well done to the Vis Mis manager for achieving exemplarary lifestyle marketing.

But where will we buy our stocking fillers?



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